October 28, 2008

Fun weekend!

I had a great time in Mobile this past weekend...wish I didn't have to come back to Birmingham... :( BUT oh well! Friday night we (Me, Thame, Mom, & The Chavers Fam) went to The Melting Pot in Pensacola for dinner. It was SO yummy! I could have eaten just the cheese and bread and been happy...it was delicious and such a fun way to eat! I couldn't do it often, though! Here is a pic of me and Thame at dinner....

Saturday we just watched the game...the horrible game, mind you! Geaux Tigers anyways! We ate lunch with the Dougherty's (thanks for the burgers, they were delicious!!) and Miss Kendall is getting so big and so cute! Then we babysat baby Fisher that night...and of course I had to act as the papparazi (?) and took a million pics of him and his cute self! He is getting so chunky, I just love it! He has wrist rolls!!!! :) (He loves his aunt! haha...love that bib!)

Sunday we went to Woofstock. It was fun, there were SO many dogs...Thame has now found the next dog that he wants...a great dane! Could you see me with a small pony of a dog??? Haha I could ride him to class! Save on gas, though! Hahaha! Lexie behaved much better than I had
anticipated...the only dog she barked at was Murray, which is crazy!! She remembered that she did not like him the first time they met. It was so crazy because of the hundreds of dogs there, he was the only one she barked at! I love Mr. Murray, though! He is a lap dog...a giant one!
Overall, it was a wonderful weekend...i'll be back at Thanksgiving!! One month!


October 19, 2008

Look what me and Thame did!

We carved pumpkins! (mine is on the left and thame's on the right) Mine says Happy Halloween if you can't tell...that was reallllllllly hard to do! My hand hurts! Thame's is so cute! It's a little monster.

Also...here is a new video of Lily and Lexie playing...it's funny!

October 17, 2008

24 pages later...

And I am done with Comps!!!! I am sore from writing so much, haha! I had to write 3 essays in 3 hours with no breaks. I should get my results back in about 2 weeks or so and if I need to retake any part of it I can in November. The retake rate is as high as 60% so they evidently are very picky in their grading policy. I feel very confident on two of my essays and then the last one I wrote I am okay with...hopefully they are all good enough and I won't have to do it again. The good thing is I only have to retake the parts that I did not pass. Anyways, I will let y'all know when I get the results back! If you ever want to know about my personal teaching philosophy, lesson planning, or a comprehensive reading program I am sure I can help you :)

I also started my full days at the school this week. Let me tell you...it was a LONG week. I taught my first math lesson Thursday. It went well, I just introduced the lesson and then broke them into learning centers and worked one-on-one with small groups. I enjoyed it and the kids seemed to get what I was teaching, so that's good! I confused myself at one part during my whole group lesson and I was just like..."yeah ignore that.." ha I felt stupid. I'm really enjoying it, I have an excellent teacher that I am with and a great class...especially to be inner-city. I'm still trying to remember the kids names...I have a Kentaveyon, Keyonteze, Kenneth, Kamryn, Kendall, Aerial, Aislynn, Ashley, Aleycia, Antonio, Darrell, Damien, Jamayah, Jakeria, Jaleel, Teresa, and little man Tyler. WOAH! They get confusing...especially the first 2. They are too cute, though. I'm gonna get a picture with them soon and i'll post it.

Not a whole lot going on this weekend...sad the Chavers family isn't coming to visit anymore :( I cannot believe my little man Fisher is 6 weeks old already!! I cannot wait to see him next weekend!!!!!! And the beautiful Kendall is already like 8 months old!! Ahh time is going by too fast! Oh, i'm coming home next weekend! I'm taking Lexie to the Woofstock thing going on downtown in her Halloween t-shirt haha! But yeah I am just laying low this weekend...it's Homecoming, but UAB is doing terrible in football, so I almost don't even want to go to the game tomorrow...we will see! I have to babysit on Sunday, but other than that I will just enjoy my weekend! I need to get back to my workout...I have slacked all week because of comps!

OH and Thame had his interview with UABSOM (UAB School of Medicine)! He looked great in his suit and said that he felt really good about it. I am so proud of him! South should have all of his stuff by Monday so hopefully he will get an interview there soon!!! Pray that he gets in this year and he/we don't have to go through another year of waiting!

Have a wonderful weekend!! LOVE YOU ALL!


October 10, 2008

Only 154 more days till I graduate...

This was a long week!! I had 3 midterms, 2 on back to back! Blah! SOOO sick of school! I am done with all but one of my classes now, though, until end of November! Yay! I am officially in the teaching phase of this semester. I am at Avondale Elementary all day Tuesday through Thursday, picking up a lesson each week until I teach all day by myself! I'm nervous!!!!! Did I mention it is inner-city? I just have to keep telling myself that these are the kids that need me most! They are sweet, though. I am in a first grade classroom and I have 18 students! Tuesday I start teaching math...Mr. Kevin, you may be getting some phone calls!!!! I'm also tutoring with a program called Better Basics in another inner-city school. It is the saddest looking place ever, the building is falling apart...the kids are in 4th grade and are on a 1st grade reading level. It is sad. Anyway, I am ready for school to be over!

This weekend will consist of studying for the Comps. I take the comprehensive exam next Friday, which a test that covers every single education class I have ever taken at UAB. I have to pass it to student teach in the spring, so it is like really important. We have 3 hours to answer 3 questions that each have to be at least 8-10 pages. That is like 30 pages of writing in 3 hours in case you didn't catch that. It takes me like 3 days to write a 4 page paper and I have 3 hours to write 30 pages!!! WHAT were they thinking! And giving this to us right after midterms?????! UAB School of Ed. needs to rethink their whole program. It is so unorganized! Well, keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck!

Love you all!

October 06, 2008

Check out Thame's new suit!

Thame got his suit this past weekend for his med school interviews. He has his interview with UAB on the 16th, so wish him luck!! He is nervous, but so relieved to have gotten one! I am SOOO proud of him! He looks so handsome :) I love the tie! I picked it out...

I am attempting to train for a half marathon walk/run that Mom wants me to do with her. I did a 6 mile walk/run this morning in 57 min!!!! I am excited! Although, I am feeling the effects of it now. My hips hurt SO bad!

I have a test tomorrow...wish me luck!! I'll probably update later on this week, I just wanted to show y'all Thame's new suit. Have a great night!

October 05, 2008

And because I did one for Lexie...I have to do a post for Lily now!

Lily is Lily. Haha! She is crazy...but so sweet when she wants to be. I have had her for a little over 2 years now. Here is a pic of her the day I got her...
She is still pretty small, but bad as ever. She used to play all the time until I got Lexie, but Lexie will not let her play without attacking her! They love each other though...just watch the video and you will see :).

Lexie Lou!

I thought I would add some cute pictures on my little Lexie, or miss priss! This is her Halloween t-shirt I got her the other day at target. SO CUTE! She hates it!! Haha! She just had her 1st birthday on September 23rd. I can't believe I have already had her for almost a year! Time flies! Look how tiny she was (at the top)!!!

First time blogger...

I know I probably won't have much to talk about, but I created a blog to keep up with what's going on in my life! I just went to Break n' Bread, which is like a taste of Mobile kind of thing, where a bunch of restaurants come together and you can taste all of their food. It was fun! I'm excited to know of some new restaurants to take the fam to when they come visit Bham. My recommendations:
  • Kathy G's
  • Hot & Hot Fish Club
  • Ocean
  • Irondale Cafe
  • Open Door Cafe'
and pleeeeeennnnttty more! So whoever comes to visit me, we will have to try those places!