May 21, 2009

Looks like at least 4 more years in Birmingham...


Yay for Thame! I am so proud of you! You are going to make the best doctor deserve it! I love you!

May 01, 2009

Overdue Update!

Sorry for not posting! I have been around, but very very busy! My last day of Student Teaching was yesterday. Do you know what that means????? I AM DONE WITH COLLEGE! Can you believe it? Cause I cannot. I am so glad to be done. I will miss my kids at Rocky Ridge and my cooperating teacher, but it's a relief to finally be finished. My teacher threw me a going away party was sweet! The kids drew this huge yellow poster that says "we will miss you!!" and my CT traced their bodies and they colored themselves's pretty funny to look at! Anyway, I am glad to be moving on and excited to see what the future brings!

Graduation is next weekend!!!!! My fam/friends are coming up to celebrate and I cannot wait! I'm not excited about sitting through the ceremony, but hey I will take it! The last 4 years went by crazy fast now that I think about it.

Thame should be hearing from med school in the couple of weeks. UAB has already started pulling people off the waitlist so hopefully he will be one of them! We are going to stay in Birmingham for the summer no matter what and then depending on whether he gets into UAB or not, we will move to Mobile! I rrrrreeeaalallllly want to move home, but if he gets in up here...its one step closer to being done!

No job for me yet! I'm just going to continue nannying until I find something.

How is everyone doing? What has been going on?? Me and Thame went to the Dave Matthews concert a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. He is my him.

Now for some pictures: