January 20, 2009

So far...

BE prepared for a LOOOONG post!

Sorry for the lack of updates! I am LOVING Rocky Ridge!!! My teacher is great and the kids are all so sweet! I will have to scan in some of the letters they wrote me for y'all to read...they are hilarious! I had a big "Welcome Miss Schneider" sign to greet me when I walked in the classroom! So sweet!! I have 9 boys and 4 girls and let me tell you those boys are a hand full! They mostly have normal names, unlike my inner-city kids! Thank goodness!!! I do have one kid named Mooaweya (Moo-OW-e-uh). Yes, you read that right. His family is from Palestine...he is too cute! My cooperating teacher is great, she is very helpful and SO funny! All I am doing right now is observing and helping out as needed and I start teaching Language Arts next week. I have the whole unit layed out for me which is SO great! The book she gave me even has like a script of what I am supposed to be saying as I teach it...YAY! Anyway, my nanny job is going good too...it's very very busy, but Bayona is the sweetest thing ever. Poor thing is pretty sick right now, so grandma is keeping her!

My poor Lexie got spayed yesterday. They had complications during the surgery with anesthesia, though, and said she never would breathe right and were REALLY worried about her and said they she scared them that she wasn't going to make it. UM, really do you have to tell me that if she's okay now. THANKS!!!!! UGH! I took her in originally cause she had some weird lumps in her belly and it was very swollen. They told me that she may have a tumor or it could just be her hormones as she would probably be going into heat any day, but he didn't know. The vet biopsyed that area and said he would decide if he wanted to send it off when she came back to get her staples removed. But, she is home now and is very calm and quiet (not my Lexie...poor baby!) Anyway, now that I have talked y'alls heads off!

Read the letters below...they are great!!!! Haha! Kids are hilarious...keep in mind they are 8/9 years old. I hope you all are staying warm and doing great!! It snowed off and on here today! Love y'all!

CLICK ON THEM TO MAKE THEM LARGER TO READ! The bottom 2 letters are from the same person (it's 2 pages...she decided to tell me her life story! haha)

January 11, 2009

just an update...

Well...it's back to the real world for me! I have been super busy the past week since I started my nanny job and school stuff. Getting up at 5 every morning is getting a little better and is not as hard as I thought it was gonna be, but I would much rather be still asleep! Bayona is too cute and so much fun, but I feel like a soccer mom carpooling her around everywhere! At least she is somewhat easy to drag everywhere with me! She even cries when I drop her off at daycare and leave their house in the afternoon...I guess cause I keep her entertained? She's a cutie! Anyways, I had orientation this past week and learned a lot of overwhelming information, but i'm excited to begin student teaching. I start this Wednesday! I will let you know how my first day goes! I did talk to my cooperating teacher and she said that before Christmas break she had 14 students and that one moved away over the break...so I only have 13 students which is AMAZING!!!! Most schools have like 20-25 kids in each class! Anyway, things are good here and I hope everyone is doing wonderful!!

P.S. Leave me comments! I know y'all read this...so talk to me! :)

January 01, 2009


All About Me!!

Name: Kathryn Rebecca Schneider
Birthday: June 2, 1987
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Height: short
Right or Left Handed: right
The Shoes You Wore Today: my fake uggs...love them!
Your Weakness: fooooooood
Your Fears: spiders, car wrecks, something happening to my family and friends
Your Favorite Food: i love all food.
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: graduate!!
First Thoughts When Waking Up: ugh.
Your Most Missed Memory: granny!
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Single or Group Dates: either is fun!
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Do You Smoke: nope!
Do You Swear: unfortunately..
Have You Been In Love: I am now :)
Do You Want To Get Married: yes!!!
Do You Want To Have Kids: yes!!!
Your Favorite Color: purple
What Kind Or Car Do You Drive: hyundai elantra...i want the new hyunadi genesis they are SO nice!
Do You Have A Job: i'm about to start my nanny job on Monday and i'll be student teaching which is like a full time job...just not getting paid for it!!
Do You Have A Boyfriend: i do :)
Fave TV Show: greys i guess
Fave Movie: i don't have just one
What Are You Thinking rRight Now: i hope stephen is ok!
Have You Ever Cheated On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no way!
Have You Ever Been Cheated On: yes...
Do You Have Any Pets: lexie and lily!
Whats The First Thing That You Notice About The Opposite Sex: ummm...their appearance
Best Physical Feature: on me? i like my eyes.
Most Overused Phrase: what's up
Love or Money: love
Kiss or Hug: depends...
The Biggest Life Lesson Learned So Far: don't sweat the small stuff
Biggest Pet Peeve: people that are late! i hate it!
Worst Habit: playing with my hair
Your Sign: gemini
Love Someone Or Miss Someone Right Now: yes! my family and friends!

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