March 28, 2009

Update on Torey

Sorry for not updating sooner...hectic/awful week.

Torey is showing some improvement. She is still on the ventilator at 40% oxygen and the peep is at 7/10 (which is the pressure in her lungs). Thursday they took her for an xray and her right lung collapsed again, so now she has 2 chest tubes in her right lung and is in a LOT of pain because of that. Her xrays have shown improvement in the pneumonia, though, and the docs have said it is just going to be a very slow recovery, but she WILL recover. Her right lung has a lot of damage to it, though. She did start to run a fever a few days ago, so they were worried about infection, but they put in a picc line to help prevent some infection. She is still in ICU and are watching her closely. I wish I could be in Mobile with her!!!!!! UGH!

Keep her in your prayers!

March 22, 2009

Pray for Torey!!!

My best friend Torey is in intensive care right now. It started out as strep throat and then developed into pneumonia. She was put into the hospital because she was having trouble breathing and they found that she had low oxygen levels. Well they did a CT scan and found that her upper right lobe of her lung was collapsed so they put in a chest tube to drain the fluid and reinflate it. Well, now the pneumonia has spread to her left lung and she was put on a ventilator overnight to help her rest. She is very sick right now! Please pray for her!

March 20, 2009

Well...I am about 90% sure I will most likely be staying in Birmingham after graduation. I'm disappointed that I don't get to move back, but it's probably for the best. Many of the Birmingham schools are still hiring and Mobile seems to have nothing! South's Medschool is being stupid and didn't even give Thame an interview, so USASOM is out of the question for this year...but he still has a chance with UAB. I just feel like I am supposed to be in Birmingham right now...and I am okay with it...I will get back to Mobile eventually!!!

I'm currently hunting for a new place to live and it is very frustrating!!! This place is just too expensive for us right now and we need something cheaper! I really want somewhere with hardwood floors! This whole carpet and yorkie thing aren't meshing well! I'm really interested in a townhome, but they are all in bad locations or way old! ugh! Anyway....hopefully I will be able to find something lease runs up May 31.

I'm also trying to find a job for this summer...and fall of course! I'm applying to a job at the Birmingham Zoo! They are looking for teachers for their summer camp program and I really hope I get seems like it would be a fun experience! I have my interview day with the Jefferson County Board of Ed. on April 1st (Thame's bday, by the way!) and hopefully they will like me!! It's an all day thing...I get to pick who I want to interview with...they have to give me an interview...they are like 15 min long and then if they like me they will ask me back the next day for a more thorough interview! I really hope I am able to find a job! It would take such a load off...

Spring break is almost over and it has been WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These next few weeks, however, are going to be insane. I have to babysit everyday for the next 3 weeks, student teach all day, complete my assignments, find a job, find a new place to live, and survive! BUT, only 50 days till graduation!!!!

How is everyone's bracket doing??? Thame has gotten me hooked in March madness! I'm not doing soooo bad...I have 170 points. Western Kentucky killed me!!! And...Tennessee just lost :(

March 08, 2009

Can't catch a break!

I'm sick again!!! Imagine that!!!! I caught whatever Thame had, but i'm thinking I might have brought it home from school in the first place. I have had a 100.7-101 fever since yesterday and medicine doesn't seem to help it much. I'm coughing like crazy!! I don't know what it is, but hopefully it will be gone soon. I just hope I don't have to miss tomorrow. I am teaching my full days now...and it is very tiring. Its not so much the teaching, but the classroom management part of it. I feel like I yell at them all day, but they just don't listen!! Ugh! Usually I don't yell, I just kind of talk to them privately and tell them to stop, but the other day my patience was shot and you could hear a pen drop in that room! Hahaha! Their faces were like..."woah! she really can yell!" Made me laugh...anyway. Hope everyone is staying well...I sure hope this is almost over!

I have a cute video to share as well...Thame was playing playstation and their was a airplane flying across the screen and Lexie was trying to attack it! It was too funny!